Elders’ Health Camp
March 18th (Sunday) to 21st (Wednesday) 9am to 2pm
Health Awareness Program
(On all days from 9am-2pm)
Anemia Asthma Cataract Cholesterol Heart Disease Diabetes
Glaucoma Back Pain Menopause Osteoarthritis Osteoporosis Ovarian Cancer
…..and many more.
FREE ELDERS’ Comprehensive General Health checkup
25th (Sunday) to 28th (Wednesday) September 2011 : 9am to 2 pm
Specialist Consultations on
(For those identified for specialist advice, during general health checkup only)
Geriatric Medicine Cardiology Ophthalmology*
General Surgery Gastroenterology* Gynecology
Orthopedics Nephrology* Dental Surgery
Dermatology Neurology Physiotherapy &Rehabilitation
Pulmonology Neuro-Surgery Diet & Nutrition
Blood Sugar (RBS)
Hemoglobin % (HB%)
Urine Examination (CUE)
Osteoporosis Detection (BMD)
Elders’ Health Week Concessions
Bio-chemical Tests-20% Radiological Tests -10%
Pharmacy services-10% Specialist consultation-50%
Prior Registration is a must to Avail these Services
Registration Starts on : March 18th (Sunday) to 21st (Wednesday) 9am to 2pm
Registration Ends on : March 18th (Sunday) to 21st (Wednesday) 9am to 2pm
Elders’ Health Services Centre
*Geriatric Clinics *In-Patient Services *Emergency/I.C.U *Diagnostics
*Immunization Clinic *Physiotheraphy& RehabilitationServices *Pharmacy *Ambulance
Near Passport office,Secunderabad-500003.
Phones: 67222999, 66262924-29, 277001344, 27711736, www.vijayahealthcare.com
Under the Auspices of:
Sathya Sadhana Foundation
“Manava Seve Madhava Seva”
Geriatric Society of India-
Hyderabad Chapter