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Geriatric Care
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For the past 3 years as part of SSF we had Geriatric Out Patient Services & Geriatric Free Medical Camps in the community.

Some of Sathya Sadhana Foundation programmes are categorised under the following:

  • Health Programs
    • School Health Screening programs
    • Community Comprehensive health screening programs
    • Subsidized Adult Immunization Program
  • Clinics/Camps
    • Osteoporosis Clinics
    • Geriatric Clinic
    • Rural Clinics
    • Diabetic Camps
    • Thyroid Camps
    • Monthly Osteoporosis detection Camps
  • Social Activities for the needy
    • Scholarships for the poor students
    • Donations to Schools and Orphanages
    • Medical help during natural disasters
    • Monetary assistance during natural disaster like rehabilitation of Tungabhadra flood victims in 2009s
    • Medical treatment for the needy
  • VIJAYA ELDERS HEALTH CARE CENTER" is about to be grounded.

    Under the Aegis of Geriatric Society of India we conducted the 13th Annual National Conference (Oct 31st-Nov 1st 2009) which was largely attended by persons of eminence in Geriatric Medicine and other related professions. This conference was inaugurated by the then Honourable Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Sri. K Rosaish Garu.

    Link to Photo Gallery of various SSF Activities

13th Annual National Conference

Community Health Screening Camp team in Karthal