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VIJAYA ELDERS HEALTH CARE CENTER was the brainchild of Dr. K. Vijayalakshmi, one of founder members of SSF.

Looking at the population trends in India as given below,

India Census (Population aged above 60 years)
1951: 2,000,000
1991: 51,000,000
2001: 70,000,000
2016: 112,000,000
2050: 357,000,000(7.7% of total population)
*this is prelude to a new set of medical, social and economic problems

“India is Now Ageing”

“India has the 2nd largest elderly population in the World”

Earlier, due to low average age span, very few people crossed 60 years; the small number of the elderly attracted little attention from the medical fraternity as regards their medical needs. Situation has reversed in the last few decades leading to a realization that there is a real need to create infrastructure to cater to the medical and socioeconomic needs of the elderly. It has also been realized that geriatric care will require a proper private public partnership.


Dr. K. Vijayalakshmi was looking for an Old age home in Hyderabad for her Aunt who had all her kids abroad and was reluctant to join them.

She has visited number of Old age homes in the twin cities of Hyderabad and looking from Doctor’s perspective she found that none of the Old age homes were really catering to the elders who needed certain amount of physical assistance and medical care for their daily routine.

Medical care provided was on a request basis. Nursing care which is a key component in Elderly Care was being offered by untrained helpers in most of the places.

This was the scenario 10 years back. Even though the facilities have improved marginally, there is a huge gap between the demand and supply. In no place we have found a comprehensive holistic service for the elderly in Hyderabad

To leave no stone unturned Dr. Vijayalakshmi purposely undertook a study tour of similar homes for the elderly in the twin cities of Hyderabad, Canada and USA with a view to emulating and replicating their experiences for offering better services.

SSF has embarked on this journey to establish Vijaya Elders Health Care Center with the following facilities:

  • A Comfort Home for the elderly
  • Assisted Living Center
  • Elders Day Care Centers in the city
  • A Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center for the elderly
  • A Hospice Care Center
  • A full-fledged Geriatric Hospital and Research center